A fake article about spaceships

This is a fake article about spaceships. Remember when you did presentations in middle school, and you told the class about what your assignment was about, then read aloud from the paper you had written, including the title? ”My assignment is about spaceships. Spaceships. Spaceships are very large, and fly in space...”.

You may think that spaceships are fake, like this article, but they’re not. There are actual spaceships, flying in space right now, probably. For example, there’s the International Space Station, which is a spaceship of sorts. Well, actually it’s a space station, which is even cooler!

The Dragon spaceship in orbit around Earth.
The ”Dragon” spaceship, created by SpaceX. Image from Flickr.com

There’s various government organizations and companies that are building spaceships. One of them is SpaceX. An image of one of their spaceships appears on this very page.

I can't be bothered to write any more about spaceships so the rest of the text will just be nonsense. This isn’t a school assignment after all.

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